April, 2016

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Protect Magento from password guessing

Password guessing using brute-force method became quite issue for owners of online stores based on Magento platform. To make things even worst lot of stores that are two or three years old were installed using default settings, with default user name ‘admin’. Password is last missing link to open your Magento back-end to total strangers, also when that happen store owners will notice anything until it is too late. Damage that can be made in such case can close down store, once when customers know that store is compromised they will never return back.

Magento recently published quite good guide how to protect your store and following those instructions you can make your store quite safe. But there are some 3rd party tools that can rise store security to even higher level and prevent even more sophisticated attacks.



Keep your online store safe from hackers, malware and other digital threats! Protect what you have worked hard to...

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Two - Step Verification

Two - Step Verification

Protect you Magento® against brute-force attacks, compromised password and unauthorized logins! This module adds...

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How to further improve Magento store security ?

MageFence module from ExtensionsMall offer complete security solution for your store, it is combination of several tools that can detect infected files, protect your store and create audit for your store pointing all week spots that should be improved: Magefence by Extensionsmall. MageFence will allow you to make recommended changes by Magento development team directly from back-end, there is no need to edit PHP files or anything similar. Also once starting point is created module will track any changes in files and generate reports so even with basic Magento knowledge you will be able read reports and notice any suspicious changes.

On top of that module comes with integrated ‘Two – Step Verification’ based on the Google Authenticator application, simple addition that will prevent any password guessing attempts.

protect magento with two step verification login


If you valuate your customers, their trust in your store and finally your business than security of your store should be one of top things in priority list. Once your website is compromised it is very hard to convince customers  to come back and order something from your store.

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