August, 2016

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USPS shipping service issue in Magento back-end

Since USPS shipping method comes with Magento installation as one of basic shipping methods it is quite normal that we expect it to work ‘out of box’. That was correct until recently ‘WebShopApps’ didn’t patched Magento core module. When you open System->Configuration->Shipping Methods section and tab for USPS you will notice a small message that will inform you that module is patched.

First reported issue after patch is missing shipping options when you want to create a order form Magento back end, for now it is confirmed that issue happen with USA addresses. Quickest way to find out what is happening is to enable ‘Debug’ option and try to create one test order. Key step in this process is requesting shipping and payment methods, after you selected user and added products into cart. If USPS method is missing connect via FTP to server and search for debug file, it should in folder var/report by default. Open file with some editor that can handle XML output (I prefer Notepad++ – with nice plugin to format XML) and try to find what is causing issue.


So far most common error message is: RECTANGULAR is an invalid container type for a REGULAR package and ALL service.

To resolve issue go back to System->Configuration->Shipping Methods section and open USPS tab, under settings search for ‘Container’ type and switch it to ‘Variable’. Save changes and try to create order again, USPS should appear among other shipping options.

Issue is known for Magento from up to, if anyone else notice similar issue but find different error and solution please shear ti via comment so we can help other people that are stuck.


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VladimirPopov_WebForms security issue

WebForms by VladimirPopov is very popular free module that allow you to create a custom contact forms and embed them on your Magento site easily. Recently a security issue is discovered in module that allow attacker to inject a script that will allow him to upload any file to server through URL and browser. Updating module to latest version is highly recommended however if your site is already hacked that will not resolve a issue. To make things worst some Magento administrators reported that hack can send a email with server data to specified email address, extending vulnerability of  hacked Magento.

After updating module to latest version I strongly suggest complete scan of your file system using MageFence tool that will run through server and search for suspicious files and malware code in files. Once scan is completed you can see results and remove injected and infected files, if infected files are located in app/code/core/Mage folder you can use Magento installation package to overwrite those files and upload clean one.

MageFence comes with built in file scanner that will create a starting point on installation and after that any changes in files will be recorded and reported. So you will be able to see and track any changes that are made, this is key feature in early detection of hack attempts. ExtensionsMall update their security module on regular base and all confirmed security issues are included in vulnerability checklist and malware definition base.









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Magento show and set any order status

Magento has quite good flow when order is places and in most cases Order statuses and states would be properly assigned. There are cases where that is not enough and store owner would like to assign/change order status at will without following flow rules.

When you open order view in Magento admin, under ‘Information’ tab there is ‘Comments History’ section in which you can add order comment and change order status. Order status is changed by selecting value from ‘Status’ drop-down, however values that are displayed are determined by settings under System->Order Statuses.

This can be modified with one little change allowing store admin to see all order statuses and set them at will.

All changes that will be made in one single file , but as always it is good to create a backup file just in case that you want to restore things to default.

Open in editor file:


and find line #34 and code:
<?php foreach ($this->getStatuses() as $_code=>$_label): ?>

change it to:

<?php foreach (Mage::getSingleton(‘sales/order_config’)->getStatuses() as $_code=>$_label): ?>

save file and that is it.

Now when you view order in Magento admin, all order statuses will be available in ‘Status’ drop-down and you can set them as you like.



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