March, 2020

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Quickly Refresh Cache in Magento 2

If you are a developer that works with Magento 2, you surely know-how clearing cache in Magento can be a boring thing. Thanks to built-in full page cache Magento front-end works quite fast, however, in most cases, your changes will not be seen unless you don’t refresh the cache.

Even Magento will remind you to do that through a notification system when you make any significant change in the back-end.

OK, most of the developers will simply use CLI to clear cache, there are few commands that help.

Clean cache: php bin/magento cache:clean

Clean cache short version: php bin/magento c:c

Flush cache: php bin/magento cache:flush

Flush cache short version: php bin/magento c:f

In case you are not comfortable with shell, you might need to refresh the cache from your browser. While it is just a few clicks, it will soon become boring if you have to do that several times within an hour.

But, there is a really nice solution for such a case, a small add-on for Chrome that will allow you to clear cache in just one click.

Add-on can be installed from the link below:

Quick M2 Cache Refresh Tool


  • New refresh button in Cache Management page.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for the active Cache Management page.
  • All opened Cache Management pages listed in popup.
  • Quick and full refresh buttons available in popup.
  • Always visible number of open Cache Management pages.

Add-on support Magento from version 2.x and Chrome from version 79.x (any way you should always allow Chrome to update itself latest version).

Add-on is made by Nikola Tujković a full-time back-end developer from SMDesign Studio, all kudos go to him. If you like add-on be sure to leave a review and share it with your friends.

Cheers 🙂

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