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How to use ‘Update attributes’ feature

Updating product attributes is one of the most common things that we provide in Magento administration. It is quite easy to do, Catalog>>Manage Products and then select the product that we want to update, find the product and change the value. However, if you need to change the same attribute for several products it can be time consuming and many Magento users get stuck in this situation. There is nothing wrong in editing the products one by one and setting the attribute value, sometimes that is the only way. But if we need to change the same attribute and set the same value for several products then there is a much faster way.

Once you are in Manage Products section you will see two tables above the list of products ‘actions’ and ‘mass actions’. Mass actions, on the left side have four selection options and the number of currently selected data. On the right side there is the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu and a ‘Submit’ button. From the ‘Actions’ menu select ‘Update attributes’ and hit the submit button. It will open a new page with a list of all attributes that is possible to edit, however all of them will be grayed out and ‘disabled’. To be able to edit any attribute you will need to mark the check-box with a label ‘Change’ that is placed bellow every attribute, this is a small security measure that should prevent accidental editing of attributes.



You can manually select products that will be updated, or use “Select all”-“Select visible” actions to quickly select multiple products. Before applying the action, check the number of selected products to be sure that you made the proper selection.


Use search fields to filter the products that you need to update, it is possible to search for products by name, type, attribute set, SKU etc. Once the products you want to edit are displayed in the grid hit ‘select all’ button followed by ‘update attributes’ and change the attributes you need. This is by far the easiest method for mass updating the product attributes.

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